Nucleo Template


This repository contains required tools to compile for nucleo devices with GCC ARM


Project creation

You can simply clone the repository, then run:

tools/clone $name

where $name is the name of your project to create (its path will be ../$name). It is possible to specify an absolute path (including the name).

In case of update, run

git pull
tools/update $name

(you can replace tools/update by tools/full-update if the changes are big, but you will lose your user-defined Makefile)

Compilation by docker

Link, or copy, the file tools/dmake to somewhere that is in your $PATH

Then, you can simply replace any call to make like that:



Compatible devices

  • F303K8 (currently, any serial-based feature do not work for this device)
  • F401RE


  • Compilation (obviously) for specific target, displaying informations like memory usage
  • Upload (auto mount/unmount if run by the docker) (make upload)


  • Isolation of the toolchain (GCC ARM): no dependencies, …
  • Up-to-date compilers (docker Archlinux)