A docker container to run a configurable openvpn server Installation docker run -d --cap-add=NET_ADMIN --device /dev/net/tun -v openvpn_folder:/etc/openvpn -v certificate_folder:/cert -p 1194:1194/udp sealeo/openvpn Environments CIPHER: [default: cipher AES-256-CBC] cipher AES-128-CBC cipher AES-192-CBC cipher AES-256-CBC cipher CAMELLIA-128-CBC cipher CAMELLIA-192-CBC cipher CAMELLIA-256-CBC cipher SEED-CBC DH_KEY_SIZE: [default: 2048] 2048 3072 4096 Custom RSA_KEY_SIZE: [default: 2048] 2048 3072 4096 Custom DNS: [default: 1] 1 (resolv.conf) 2 (#FDN) 3 (#DNS.

    Nucleo Template

    Description This repository contains required tools to compile for nucleo devices with GCC ARM Usage Project creation You can simply clone the repository, then run: tools/clone $name where $name is the name of your project to create (its path will be ../$name). It is possible to specify an absolute path (including the name). In case of update, run git pull tools/update $name (you can replace tools/update by tools/full-update if the changes are big, but you will lose your user-defined Makefile)